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Red Storm Rising, Again


Remember the Cold War? The West won, right? And now the Russians are just like anybody else. They’ve turned from their wicked world-domination-seeking ways and just want to make their own way like the rest of us.

Not so much, it seems.

Check out this gem from one Professor Leonid Ivashov of the Moscow State Institute for International Relations.


The good Professor is quoted as saying “Tactical nuclear weapons that are constantly threatening the United States must become the factor that will deter large-scale aggression. Holding it at gunpoint – this is the deterrent.”

Why does it matter? First, the Institute he teaches at is Russia’s premier school for diplomats and foreign service officers, with an elite student body and a glittering staff. And second, the gentleman himself recently retired from a military career as a Colonel-General, a three-star rank. His rank and his present academic responsibilities, preparing future generations of Russian ambassadors, suggest General Ivoshov does not give random statements of personal opinion to national dailies.

Consider it a storm warning.


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