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Are you comfortable sitting on that report, Minister?


It seems even the lawyers are unhappy with Minister Smith’s approach to the Defence abuse scandal. Dr Rumble, the former DLA Piper partner who headed the original review, is wondering why he and his team bothered to report in April 2012 as the Minister has suppressed all details of his word and has not acted on any of the matters reported. In Dr Rumble’s words, the present Roberts-Smith taskforce is there to “reconsider the allegations from scratch”.

But wait, there’s more. Not only is the Minister refusing to do anything about it, preferring to wait for his repeat-taskforce to make recommendations (and what will he do then, we wonder?) but he has also refused to inform even the Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force of any details.

That’s right. CDF is not allowed to know if his force includes abusers and criminals. Presumably he’ll find out if and when they’re hauled before the courts. Until then, nothing. It’s an independence issue, apparently.

I’m confused. Where was this independence when the ADFA Commandant was stood down in 2011 with public slurs?

One can only imagine the situation if one of these unidentified scumbags is killed overseas and the General is before the cameras eulogising a great soldier only for the news to break next day that he was also a sexual predator. Not to mention the distrust it engenders throughout the ADF.

Did I say distrust? We all know the spray-tanned one doesn’t like the military, but I can’t imagine what it’s like to live it on a daily basis, as CDF is now doing all too publicly.

I hope he’s being paid the big bucks for this.


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