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“The Taliban have lost this war” – Afghan Government



Afghanistan, and ISAF media just published some tweets by an Afghan Ministry of the Interior spokesman. The question was about the Afghans’ ability to secure Wardak province once ISAF withdraws as recently demanded. According to the spokesman, “To think Wardak will fall into the hands of the Taliban is unrealistic. It hasn’t happened anywhere else. The Taliban has lost this war and are no longer capable of taking over a province. We will not pay attention to Taliban propaganda on FB, Twitter, or anywhere else. We will work with Int’l troops to fix this.”

Glad things are going so well. Herald of War thinks the spokesman might be a tad optimistic. He remembers Kabul itself was only partly controlled by the coalition, and many of the nearby areas were coalition-held out to a visual distance from the highways.

The proof of this pudding will come next year. For the sake of a lot of good people who died in Afghanistan, let us all hope the spokesman is correct, and the Taliban really have lost this war.


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  1. John says:

    In any war, for victory one must seize and hold ground! In the Talib’s case, they may not have seized it, but they have held it in the end. You tell me who the victor is. However, as far as the West is concerned, it depends on what the theory of victory is – if it is to remove the capacity of Al Qaeda to strike at the West and reduce the capacity of those who provide them sanctuary, then the West has indeed won. It won in fact in 2001 if this is the case – so it begs the question- what has the West been doing there for the last 12 years!

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