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Why they’re the enemy

This picture will cause epidemics and disasters, apparently. WMD found!

This picture will cause epidemics and disasters, apparently. WMD found!

Why they’re the enemy

For those of you who need a reminder about what Islamist regimes are all about, here it is. A 19-year-old Tunisian woman named Amina posted a topless selfie on Facebook. To make matters worse, she displayed a message claiming ownership of her own body.

Feel society crumbling around you? A local loony preacher from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice did. He called for lashes and stoning. Somewhat confusingly, he also called for her to be quarantined and treated for her “illness”. Herald of War assumes that’s before the stoning.

And, in a display of parental love not seen since Father Abraham prepared to butcher his young son Isaac, Amina’s parents have put her into a mental hospital, according to the news report. Because flashing your figure and claiming to own it yourself are well-known signs of illness.

Here endeth the refresher course. There can be no peace with people who claim to rule first their own countrymen then all of us according to wisdom revealed in Bronze-Age dreams.



  1. John says:

    If only all WMD were this delightful! 🙂 Lets hope that Kim sports just such a set when NK kicks off…..

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