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US Agression in Yugoslavia :)

Did they use rotten potatoes to make his vodka?

Did they use rotten potatoes to make his vodka?

US Agression in Yugoslavia 🙂

He’s at it again. Colonel-General Ivashov (that’s a three-star rank in Russia, not a halfway house between colonel and general), teacher of geopolitics at the prestigious Moscow State Institute for International Relations, is reminiscing about American aggression against Yugoslavia.

In 1999. When NATO stopped Serbs slaughtering their neighbours. That “aggression”.

The venerable General also airs his views on how then-President Gorbachev betrayed the military and the Soviet Union, and how both US Secretary of State Madelaine Allbright and field commander General Wesley S Clark should have been prosecuted for breaching international peace. Herald would venture the opinion that there wasn’t a peace to breach in the Balkans just then…

It’s vintage stuff, an old-school Soviet hard man ranting against Western bogeymen, liberals at home and anything else that gets in his way. Enjoy it while it’s hot!

Herald of War bringing teh weird once more…


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