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Climate change driving economics

Remember, behind the beard there is only another fist.

Deploying to Kenya shortly. Problem solved.

Climate change driving economics

The story is about small pastoralists in rural Kenya switching to farming crops. Severe drought is killing livestock, driving violent cattle rustling. Many of those pastoralists still in business prefer the harder life of farming to the danger of armed robbery, arson and murder at the hands of their near neighbours.

By itself that’s a small local tragedy. But it’s happening because the environment would no longer support livestock. It became too hot and dry. And people started killing each other over scarce resources. Not in the future. Not in 2200 or 2100AD. Now. This year. 2013.

That could never happen on a global scale, of course. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to electrify the fences and dig a moat.


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