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Commander CJTF-Horn of Africa sacked

in some armies, generals sack generals!

in some armies, generals sack generals!

Commander CJTF-Horn of Africa sacked

Imagine if all armies did this…

Commander AFRICOM lost confidence in Commander CJTF-HoA, so the two-star is on his way home. Wow. Herald can’t remember ever seeing something like this in Australia. (Perhaps we’re blessed with unusually excellent generals, admirals and air marshals.)

Let’s amend that. When the Minister feels precious, it’s okay to boot senior officers, especially from the Navy. Think of the ADFA Commandant post-cadet sex scandal #x and the Vice Chief of Navy for being unable to maintainĀ a pair of superannuated rustbuckets that never should have flown our ensign.

But this case appears to involve actual misconduct by the officer in question, rather than scapegoating to make a politician look tough. (It’s all alleged and subject to appeal at the moment, and the gentleman is entitled to a presumption of innocence, so we’ll leave it there.) The point is that the grounds for dismissal are about the individual’s own behaviour.

Wow. Just wow. Imagine if other services did that.


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