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L’il Kim says go home!!!!!

See you later, alligator!

See you later, alligator!

L’il Kim says go home!!!!!

He’s certainly trying to sound convincing now. Not content with brandishing nuclear weapons of dubious quality, Kim Jong-un has suggested it’s time the visitors leave.

The DPRK Government is suggesting foreign embassies close and evacuate their staff by 10 April, after which time the diplomats’ safety cannot be guaranteed. It’s like a step back to the days when an Ambassador asked for his passport and countries declared war on each other. Perhaps the DPRK Generals saw it in an old movie. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s for real.

Herald still doubts the DPRK is mad enough to begin a war they know must end in regime change, with its senior survivors facing the usual fate of fallen tyrants. They cannot seriously think they can challenge the South and its allies. Still, starting a war is usually a sign of muddled thinking…


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