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Please kind sir, whack Iran for me – Israel

So what if Iran gets the bomb?

So what if Iran gets the bomb?

Please kind sir, whack Iran for me – Israel

A senior Israeli Government minister publicly called for a Western coalition offensive against Iran within a few weeks, unless the Persian state stops enriching uranium. Mmm, sure, why not?

Much as Herald dislikes the Iranians, it’s hard to justify this. Suppose Iran develops nuclear weapons. Does that mean they will be tempted to use them against their Jewish neighbours? Why? What possible good what that get them? What would be worth the inevitable nuclear retribution that would follow within hours if not minutes?

Herald has never really understood why it is legitimate for some states to have these weapons, but not anyone else. Apparently it was morally okay for two of the most oppressive, violent regimes in history – the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China – to hold these weapons. And the Russians today are looking uncomfortably like the Soviets of yesterday.

Yet we get upset when somebody else – admittedly bad, but hardly on the USSR or PRC scale of evil – wants the same power. Or India, or Israel, or South Africa, or anyone else.

Herald just cannot see what all the fuss is about. Israel has the bomb, and apparently that’s okay. Why are they the only ones in the Middle East allowed to have it? The Iranians are nasty enough, but not suicidal or insane. They’re no more likely to nuke the neighbours than North Korea is.


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