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First steps towards ADF abuse prosecutions

Justice Roberts-Smith has your number, abusers...

Justice Roberts-Smith has your number, abusers…

First steps towards ADF abuse prosecutions

…or that’s the official spin coming through that favourite all-is-well mouthpiece, The Australian today. Let’s hope it’s correct. The report says appropriate cases will go to state police for investigation. Herald can only hope the guilty bastards are sweating now.

To those who abused our warrior brothers and sisters in your care: you deserve everything you get. Say hello to Bubba and Speedy for me when you meet them at shower time.


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  1. John says:

    Hold up Raven, check the enthusiasm for a moment! I have served for over 20 years and in that time have never witnessed any commander or person in a leadership position tolerating, let alone providing safe harbour to those who have committed such offences. Rather, I have seen those that have done wrong held fully to account for their actions. This is not, nor has been a wide spread thing in the ADF. Yet, with all the screaming and clapping from the sidelines, the voice of reason has been drowned out! Any reader would think that this is widespread, widely accepted practice…. I am keen to see those present or past members of the ADF who have done wrong be held account for their actions just as I am keen to see anyone in any walk of life be held to account when they have done wrong. But I am even more keen to see things done properly and impartially. What disturbs me about this willingness, let alone giddy euphoria to talk about the collective wrongdoing in the ADF is that it causes observers to lose sight of the merits of the individual cases. Each case of abuse or rape whether it happened in the ADF or not should be judged on the evidence and merits of the case. I caution against simply cheering on these things on as they occurred in the ADF. To do so does not do justice to the victims, to the perpetrators and the many good people who undoubtedly served around them. Let the individual cases play out in the courts and then out the wrongdoers. Anything before this is premature!

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