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In the steamy jungles and dangerous streets of Aceh, a young Australian woman hunts her prey without mercy. Tisiphone survived the Bali bombings but was changed forever. Now she lives only for revenge…but her bloody endeavours have revealed a new secret.
Now, four years after the terrorist outrage in Bali, Jemaah Islamiyah are preparing a new strike. It will be bigger than before. Deadlier. More frightening and more violent, and its effects will be far greater. For this time they will strike at their enemy’s greatest city.
As the terrorists close in on Sydney, a fanatical team of Bali survivors are preparing for a mission of their own. They will kill Jemaah Islamiyah’s godfather Abu Bakr Bashir, the Bin Laden of Southeast Asia, and they expect to die in the process.
It’s up to the tough, two-fisted Mr Mangle, his shadowy Committee and his deadly new ally Tisiphone to stop the madness before the bombs and bullets fly in Sydney or Johnny B and his Ronin provoke a war.
From bar fights to jungle trails, Days of Vengeance covers the ground fast and hard. It began with the realisation that Jemmah Islamiyah never managed a serious attack on the Balibo Five inquest in Sydney, and with wondering why that was. Maybe it happened this way.


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