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Why Boston?

boston-marathon-defcon--620x0My thoughts are with the bereaved, the hurt and the dead. There are no words for your suffering. Everyone is thinking of you and remembering you. This is a black day for all the West.

A few hours after the blasts in Boston, what do we know? Two very small IED were detonated near the finish line. The devices were sited approximately one hundred metres apart along the race route, both on the same side of the street. There were a few seconds’ delay between the explosions, with the device nearest the finish line functioning first. Causalties, at this stage, are 3 dead and many injured. Race time was over 4 hours.

What can we deduce?

This was not about mass casualties. Footage of the blasts and post-blast scenes show there were hardly any windows broken. Even the flimsy crowd-control barriers were hardly damaged. And a cameraperson only a few metres away from the first blast kept his or her feet and kept focus on the scene. So the devices were small and were initiated well after the peak crowd period (assuming the crowd peaks around the time the leaders finish, just after 2 hours). It almost seems designed to minimise the number of deaths.

That might have been the bombers’ intent, or it might simply reflect incompetence.

And I know that means nothing to those killed, hurt and bereaved today.

Who profits from this? The list is too long to count right now. Domestic lunatics in their many guises? An enemy probing America’s defences, testing responses ahead of a larger attack? Al-Qa’eda seeking to draw America back into foreign wars to complete their aim of bankrupting the West? North Korea marking Kim Il Sung’s birthday? Or one of the powers that profited from Western entanglement in the War on Terror? It could be anyone at this stage.

We shall see, I have no doubt.


Mexico drug war – another mass killing

in-depth-the-cartels-behind-mexicos-drug-war-photoMexico drug war – another mass killing

You probably don’t follow the news from Mexico. But we could all do well to pay more attention to what is probably the bloodiest conflict on the planet right now. The Mexican drug war, which includes a half-dozen heavily armed paramilitary cartels and the Government’s forces, has claimed 70000 lives in the last six years.

The latest development is seven dead in a mass killing in the resort town of Cancun on Sunday. Last month saw another mass killing there, this time of six people with more wounded. This is in a quiet part of the country.

Makes you glad to live somewhere else.

DPRK are the good guys, really

Mad Timmy captioned this "Pyongyang, a modern and vibrant city. Crime rate, next to zero." Mmm...

Mad Timmy captioned this “Pyongyang, a modern and vibrant city. Crime rate, next to zero.” Mmm…

DPRK are the good guys, really

…if you’re into Pravda, of course. The Russian daily has wheeled out the amazing tame Brit Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, who Herald believes is a malevolent version of Lewis Carroll, for this little through-the-looking-glass adventure.

It turns out the DPRK are the good guys and Kim Jong-un’s recent nuclear threats are just a misunderstanding. This is all about French-British-American aggression, though for what purpose is unclear.

This is good for a giggle for Herald’s discerning readers. But don’t forget that this tripe is going on the front page of Russia’s biggest-selling daily paper…

Bringing teh weird…

Bring it, says Boko Haram

We can't lose, we have face-towels.

We can’t lose, we have face-towels.

Bring it, says Boko Haram

Peace talks in Nigeria are heavy going.

Boko Haram is fast becoming one of Herald’s favourite gifts-that-keep-on-giving since rejecting a government amnesty offer. The response boiled down to “we are the ones who should be offering amnesty to you – or not offering it, as the case may be.”

There’s nothing like confidence, Herald always says. This sounds a lot like a war to the bitter end.

Herald wonders how long before OEF-Nigeria ramps up…

First steps towards ADF abuse prosecutions

Justice Roberts-Smith has your number, abusers...

Justice Roberts-Smith has your number, abusers…

First steps towards ADF abuse prosecutions

…or that’s the official spin coming through that favourite all-is-well mouthpiece, The Australian today. Let’s hope it’s correct. The report says appropriate cases will go to state police for investigation. Herald can only hope the guilty bastards are sweating now.

To those who abused our warrior brothers and sisters in your care: you deserve everything you get. Say hello to Bubba and Speedy for me when you meet them at shower time.

Facing a posting to HQ Joint Operations Command

Facing a posting to HQ Joint Operations Command

Many of us have faced this pain 🙂

Remember the Name

Remember the Name

We all need a little Monday kick-start sometimes…here’s yours.

10 percent luck, 20 percent skill…

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