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Syrian refugees begin arriving in Germany

Syrian refugees begin arriving in Germany

The first hundred or so refugees from Syria arrived in Hanover recently. Germany is offering temporary shelter to up to 5000 people fleeing Syria’s horror.

Thus far the fabric of German society seems to be holding.

Come on, Australia. Time to open our hearts and our homeland to those fleeing terror.



Have you kept track of Defense Distributed? Here is their Liberator video, just in case. It’s the WikiWeapon age, you know.

Who brings about cyber war?

Who brings about cyber war?

It’s been a long time between drinks, but Herald is delighted to bring you more front-page news from the world’s kookiest corner, the editorial offices of Rodong Sinmun, the DPRK’s leading daily.

Enjoy this little excursion into the strange world north of the 38th Parallel. Apparently “To grasp the Asia-Pacific region by force of strength is the main in the U.S. external military policy” and “The acts of the United States which is engrossed in sabotaging peace and security in the world while militarizing even the internet space are arousing surging indignation of the international community.” Thus Kim’s penman.

Herald has long known some cyberwarriors live in worlds of their own, but this is a bit much šŸ™‚

Not ronery this time...

Not ronery this time…

Vale Sub-Inspector Negara, Afghan National Police

Vale Sub-Inspector Negara, Afghan National Police

Helmand’s top policewoman, Sub-Inspector Negara, of Lashkar Gah CID, died of wounds received on Sunday. In what reads like a targeted assassination, her motorcycle-mounted assailants approached the Inspector outside her home. There was a brief exchange of fire between the unknown attackers and Inspector’s bodyguards during which she was mortally wounded. She died in hospital early Monday morning.

This is the latest in a series of attacks on prominent women in Afghanistan – which may or may not mean a new Taliban campaign to intimidate women. It may also simply be part of the wider hostilities in that country.

Vale another brave one, gone too soon.

More trouble in Nigeria

More trouble in Nigeria

As though things aren’t bad enough in Nigeria, with Boko Haram lunatics in the north, massive inequality and a terrible shortage of doctors everywhere, the central Nasarawa state is now a battleground. Tribal squabbles have grown into armed youth militias torching towns and killing at least 30 people in the towns of Obi and Assakio. Thousands have fled the violence, which will no doubt lead to the usual silent hardship and suffering.

Thus far Nigerian authorities remain tight-lipped, which suggests to Herald they haven’t much idea about what to do next. The madness that is Nigeria continues…

Japan cannot deny its history of aggression – China

Japan cannot deny its history of aggression – China

Most of us have moved on from World War Two. Not the People’s Daily. Under the tres reconciliatory title above, the paper marked the 68th anniversary of Japan’s defeat with stern admonitions against Japan’s “deviation to the right” and its politicians’ tendency to “relentlessly celebrate militarism”. Apparently Japan’s “challenge to the post-war international orderĀ is not something that canĀ be allowed.”

Herald can’t say the rest of the world has noticed this new Japanese threat. Are the Japanese developing aircraft carrier capability? No? Perhaps it’s anti-ship missiles or nuclear weapons? No, not that either. Oh, silly Herald. It’s China doing all of those things…

Russia – the gift that keeps on giving

Herald’s been away from the blog for a while. For the first entry back, there was no going past this rabid little spiel in Pravda. It’s too ridiculous for even President Putin to put his name to, however much he might have wanted to. Our old pal Tim Bancroft-Hinchey shows his talents as a Soviet-era propagandist with lines likeĀ “double-dealing back-stabbing two-facedĀ policy” and “Washington’s demonic plan”. He appears to be ranting about Syria…


It’s nice to see some things don’t change. Enjoy the laughs with Tim!

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