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Iran foils Western terror plot!!!

Outsmarted by men in robes...

Outsmarted by men in robes…

Iran foils Western terror plot!!!

Curses! Another of our dastardly plots has been foiled!

The Russians are reporting Iran has arrested several “Western terrorists” who were “trying to create a climate of disorder prior to the next presidential election”. The unlucky detainees “are linked to the intelligence services of some European countries and were laying the groundwork for creating disturbances in Iran in order to create a climate of unrest in the country”.

Rats, they’re onto us. This would be funny if not for the plight of the unnamed, undescribed prisoners. (If they exist.)

Of course, the whole thing might be bogus, given it is reported solely in Pravda. Let’s hope so.

Reported here in the spirit of bringing teh weird…


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